Revolution is the transformation of power that usually comes with a positive connotation. Oppressed overthrowing the oppressors, those without fighting against those with. There is often radical change in which a particular group becomes goal oriented in re-establishing the ways of society. People galvanize and develop a method of action – while not always, often there is a form of violence incorporated- in order to develop an agenda and take power. It is argued that there are two different approaches to the radical change, whether it a heroic view where the masses are guided by a leader or where a revolution erupts from a burst of popular anger.[1]Both of these views do require masses fed up with the present system and hopeful in the agenda of a new one. Revolution was seen as a necessity for political liberties, in which rulers must be aware of that the masses have the spirit of resistance. [2]The power of the people should always be in mind by those in control, as their positions are never truly secured. 

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, revolutions are often cyclical and not finite. The overthrow of power simply results in a new group of people becoming oppressed. The change of power leaves a different group marginalized and ignored. The constant entity of people being left out from those in power contributes to the fetishization of the concept of revolution. There are always opinions and objectives that seem to be ignored by society and revolting against this, seems to be the best solution. In actuality, it results to constant transfers of powers and an ever present yearn to revolt. 

Revolutions can also be within the individual in which a revelation occurs, and change is sought. This too, can be cyclical in which old ways always seem to creep back into new regimes and lifestyles. Personal revolution is often painful in which the security of one’s comfort zone becomes eradicated and a person is forced to think and act differently. This type of revolution is necessary, I’d say, for the growth of the individual. A person cannot evolve and become the best version of themselves without shedding layers of toxicity. Emotional maturity and self- reflection is necessary for evolving and self revolution.

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