This is a visual representation of what spirituality is to me. I grew up in a religious fluid family, where all views were accepted, and any view was supported. The most prominent religion growing up was Catholism, as I was baptized, confirmed, and catechized in a Catholic Church. However, I still integrated other religions in my own spiritual practice. My grandparents integrated Buddhism, Christianity, Nauhital, and other disciplines in their own practice, and I began to do the same. I’d mimic my Yeh-yeh (grandfather) cleanse and bless the house with sage. My Nana always kept small Buddha figurines around the house, and I grew up knowing to rub his belly, especially during Chinese New Year’s if I wanted extra in my red envelope. As I learned from them, other family members, self-fascination with chakras and Hinduism courses at Davidson, spirituality became a collage of different works. I find myself reading Christian works and seeing Shivā, a Hindu deity being the deacon of light. Or while learning about Buddhist meditation practices, I’d wonder if they’d do their practices in sweat lodges like I’d watch my Yeh-yeh do. It was fascinating when I’d meditate and try to focus on chakras and say mantras coming from different doctrines and ideologies. I appreciate the array of traditions that are integrated in my own practices.